Portfolio of Design


I am an Art Director for an executive recruitment company with a network of over 160 small recruitment companies across the US. I have over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer in a variety of industries, predominantly in corporate environments.

I am experienced in corporate design and work with clients in a variety of niches.

I am a team player who loves working with others to bring ideas to fruition. I love empowering people through delegation and teaching. I am always available to help my team and am at my best when I collaborate with people who enjoy what they do.

Current Role

Kaye/Bassman (KBIC) is an executive recruitment firm that specializes in niche recruitment for a variety of industry sectors, including healthcare recruiting, energy recruiting, insurance recruiting, banking recruiting, pharmaceutical recruiting, and medical device recruiting. KBIC owns Next Level Exchange, an online recruiting training portal for recruitment and executive search professionals; Sanford Rose Associates (SRA), a network of independently owned and operated recruiting firms; and Next Level Marketing Communications, an in-house marketing team that focuses on lead generation through brand building, website development, and digital lead generation strategies for our in-house teams and our SRA network.

As Art Director for KBIC, my role within the marketing team is to ensure our clients have the best possible tools available for their marketing initiatives including:

  • a cohesive and professional brand
  • a website streamlined for lead generation through targeted marketing strategies, including industry focused e-books, blogs, and social media campaigns
  • an arsenal of marketing tools including pitch decks, flyers, and brochures

We also create marketing and presentation videos with our in-house video studio.

During the three and a half years full time with KBIC and four years previously as a freelancer, I have helped grow our SRA network from 60+ offices to over 160+ offices. I achieved this through high quality design, marketing initiatives I developed including our custom pitch decks and our website builder tool, and brand development within their respective industries.

I pride myself on my ability to design with the end user in mind and offer all my clients one-on-one tutorials for any material they want to update themselves, including their websites and pitch decks.

Our department has grown over the last few years, and I manage a team of designers to ensure all projects are completed correctly, quickly, and of course with the best design possible. My mantra for our team is “each new project should be our best project,” because I believe we should always grow our skillset and knowledge. I work with our account managers and directly with clients to make sure our projects align with and exceed client expectations.

Previous Roles

MARKETING SPECIALIST (graphic design focus) Briggs Equipment  2015-2018

Briggs Equipment is a heavy equipment company that sells, rents and repairs forklifts, excavators, scissor lifts etc. with 30+ locations across Southeast USA.

  • Built a 600+ page website showcasing all equipment the company rents and sells.
  • Created and implemented wrapping over 1000 company vehicles with
    30+ unique designs specific to local branches.
  • Developed marketing and advertising initiatives for corporate and local branches.
  • Created designs for interior/exterior layouts of new or refurbished branches.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Freelance  2010-2015

  • Designed stationery, marketing materials, and websites for small businesses.
  • Created television network campaigns for new shows.
  • Developed marketing campaigns for large mining, auto, and recruitment companies.

GRAPHIC ARTIST ADCORP Australia 2007-2009

Adcorp Australia was founded in 1981 as a specialist advertising agency
focused on the classified sections of print media: employment, real estate
and automotive.

  • Built full page real estate advertisements for newspapers, brochures
    and marketing materials.
  • Designed billboards for commercial real estate projects and
    real estate developments.
  • Created animated advertisements for online advertising with
    the software of the day (Adobe Flash).

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Yellow pages 2007

  • Created new advertisements and updated old advertisements
    for commercial yellow pages listings.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER auto magazine  2004-2006

  • Built a 40-60 page magazine that was distributed every two weeks
    containing full page automobile listings of local auto dealers.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER local print shop 2005-2006

  • Created stationery and advertising/marketing material for local businesses.


Built using WordPress.
Expertise in CSS and HTML with some experience in PHP and JavaScript (google search is my friend). Currently learning SVG animation for websites and JavaScript to strengthen my web building skills.

Over the past few years, I have built nearly 100 websites. Almost all are recruitment websites, each crafted to their respective client niches. Here are some of my favorites:

CLIENT: Parnetic Search
INDUSTRY: Accounting & Finance

CLIENT: Talent Connectors
INDUSTRY: Accounting & Finance

CLIENT: Eleven Recruiting
INDUSTRY: Technology

CLIENT: Ingeniquest
INDUSTRY: Pharma & Biotech

CLIENT: Venture Talent Solutions
INDUSTRY: Robotics & Automation
YEAR: 2021

INDUSTRY: Accounting & Finance
YEAR: 2020

CLIENT: Rayboy Insider Search
INDUSTRY: Technology
YEAR: 2018

CLIENT: Kelly Duke Staffing
YEAR: 2020

Dawson McCrone Website

CLIENT: Dawson McCrone
YEAR: 2019

Marketing Initiatives

Software Used:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel


One of the tools I introduced to our network last year was a pitch deck that clients could use during video conferences with potential clients. It is an interactive pdf built in PowerPoint, so it is easy for anyone to update. We have currently created over 40 pitch decks for our clients:

CLIENT: Blue Rock Search

CLIENT: natere

CLIENT: Velocity SGI
INDUSTRY: Technology